Our Performance Measurement Framework


Measure first -- Measure before -- Measure after

Measure Time, Safety, Production, Cost & Quality

At FCPL we have taken a very simple way to manage performance.  Our TASPEQ KPI system focuses on only 5 key performance indicators.  Using a Lean approach, we keep our eyes on Time and Attendance, Safety, Productivity, Cost and Quality.


Time & Attendance

Percent Present & On-time

Percent Present and On-time (PPO)  is expressed as a percentage of totals persons early/on-time divided by the total persons in attendance.


Percent Safe Work

PSW (Percent Safe Work-Practices) – A basic measure of how well we practice safety to ensure compliance and a safe work space.


Percent Planned Complete

PPC (Plan Percent Complete) – A basic measure of how well the planning system is working and work is being executed.


Percent under Budget

PUB (Percent Under Budget) – Measures the efficiency of cost of Standard Value Added Work performed against direct cost budget.


Percent Planned Complete

PCZ (Percent Complete Zero-Defect) – Measures how well works are completed and the amount of defects corrected.